Prof. Dr. Thomas Koch

Welcoming to #WMK23

Prof. Dr. Thomas Koch · KIT · Leiter des Instituts für Kolbenmaschinen (IFKM)

The EU Commission proposal for heavy duty vehicles foresees a CO2 fleet reduction of 45% by the year 2030, a reduction of 65% by the year 2035 and a fleet reduction of even 90% by the year 2040.

For the first time, the EU Commission has accepted the use of hydrogen engines for the heavy-duty vehicle application. Other use cases are certainly also suitable.

For this reason, the in-depth expert exchange on the challenges and potentials of the technology is all the more important.

It is therefore a great pleasure for me to invite you to the 4th Hydrogen Engine Conference in Karlsruhe in 2023. I wish us many interesting exchanges, new insights and fruitful discussions.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Jordan

Statement on #WMK23

Prof. Dr. Thomas Jordan · KIT · Institut für Thermische Energietechnik und Sicherheit (ITES)

“The hydrogen engine conference provides a comprehensive cross-section, not only on the issues of the engine itself but also on all aspects of the necessary system on the vehicle and fuel supply.

The perspectives on the topics are just as balanced. Thus, research aspects and very practical aspects of realization are covered.

I have learned a lot with each participation and have been able to expand my network with interesting personalities.”